Counselor Invests in Marriges and Teams Using Profiles

During the 40+ years as a lead pastor, Jimmy McLeod discovered his special abilities in counseling individuals and conducting support groups, later honing those skills by becoming a board certified pastoral counselor. Today, Jimmy counsels individuals, couples, and families full-time at Becomer Counseling Services, and also consults with churches, ...

How to Study Scriptures About Strengths, Part 4

Part 4: Compare Bible Commentaries Fourth in a series providing a practical guide for studying scriptures about strengths. As you study what God says in His Word about differences, you are better able to embrace your individual strengths, the strengths of those around you, and blend to build healthy relationships. You undergo a personal journey of ...

Parenting From Your Strengths, Part 4

The Benefits to Knowing Your Child’s Bent Fourth in a four-part series on parenting from your strengths Rob and Kate have three sons. Blond hair, blue eyes – all three look alike. In fact, two are twins. Yet the three children have completely different personalities. Adam, the oldest, is sensitive and caring. He dislikes change. Bryan, on t ...

Parenting From Your Strengths, Part 3

Bury, Boast, or Build? Third in a four-part series on parenting from your strengths Differences divide families today as never before. A large percentage of homes are filled with conflict, isolation, brokenness, or crisis – and Christians are not immune. Fortunately, new generations understand the value of the family as our social unit. Of those ...

Marriage and Ministry, Part 4

Marriage and Ministry, Part 4: The Risks and Rewards of Leading From Your Strengths Of all places, the Christian church can be a refuge from the relational battles that rage in our culture. But harmony and reconciliation are not flourishing in the body. Rather, today’s ministries and churches are routinely characterized by division – or at best ...

Marriage and Ministry, Part 3

Marriage and Ministry, Part 3: How Your Spouse’s Strengths May Surprise You Today, families everywhere are torn apart and are in crisis, filled with conflict, isolation, or brokenness. Four out of ten children grow up without a father. One in three homes is led by a single mother. Just a short while ago, Pastor Kevin would have been among the ...

Marriage and Ministry, Part 2

Marriage and Ministry, Part 2: Healing Begins With Humility Jesus sought time alone prior to significant events: choosing His disciples, being tempted by the Enemy, walking on water, and preparing for trial and crucifixion. Paul took an extended wilderness retreat after his conversion before launching his ministry. God regularly speaks to leaders w ...

Marriage and Ministry, Part 1

Marriage and Ministry, Part 1: Island of Exile or Island of Escape? Kevin’s desk lamp burns late into the night. But he is not working on this week’s sermon. He is studying scriptures about marriage. Kevin is beginning to wonder if he should ever been married in the first place. Most difficult of all is the increasing isolation he feels between ...

The Mystery of Differences: Part 4 of 4
Understanding the Need to Blend

Jamie had meetings today with two key members of his team. Each of these two meetings would be conducted very differently from each other – and from how Jamie had conducted those meetings in the past. The last time he’d met with Chris to outline this quarter’s sales plan, he’d provided charts, trends, and new product data. But he’d sensed ...

The Mystery of Differences: Part 3 of 4
Understand Others

God plants clues about others directly in our path. But understanding others requires intentionality. If you’re serious about solving the mystery of differences, you can collect those clues about others and study them. That’s what happened between Megan and Tim. Differences between Megan and Tim The staff meeting had not officially begun, but c ...
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