Coaching: Don’t Try to Be “the Guy Who Does Everything”

Dr. Gerry Lewis Coaches Leaders to Optimize Strengths on Their Teams “Most pastors and leaders of small churches try to be ‘the guy,’’ says Dr. Gerry Lewis, Executive Director of Harvest Baptist Association in Decatur, TX. “You know, ‘the ...

Coaching: Steering Out of a Staff Mismatch

Coach Uses Profiles to Uncover Misalignment A leadership team from a local church approached Dalton & Vicki Jantzen, asking for help in coaching their new pastor. It was a typical assignment for this couple, who draw upon 16 years in the remote m ...

Conferences: Plan a One-Of-a-Kind Family Vacation

Why do you take a family vacation? To rest … to have time together and build memories … to see another part of the world … What if you and your family could take a vacation together that does all of that, but that also allows you to build profe ...

Pastor Uses Profiles to Help Leaders Transition – Including Himself

Friends in the SC Baptist State Convention introduced Dale Roach to the Leading From Your Strengths profile soon after he took on the role Director of Missions for the Moriah Baptist Association (Lancaster, SC). “I showed the profile results to my wife and watched her smile,” says Dale. “All she could say was, ‘This is you!’” The profil ...

Guest Post: Staffing – Why Church Hires Go Wrong

At Ministry Insights, we work to equip Christ-followers and ministries to build stronger leaders. This is the first of two excellent articles from our good friend and Ministry Insights practitioner Paul Alexander that gives you great steps to take in successful staffing. Why Church Hires Go Wrong BY PAUL ALEXANDER, Posted March 26, 2012 Spiritual l ...

Two Lies About Your Pastor

“Me – lie about my pastor?” If you’re like most in the church, you are horrified at the thought. None of us likes to think we’re perpetuating untruths about our spiritual leader. But you may be – albeit unwittingly. It happens when you accept commonly-held beliefs without question. Beliefs like … Lie #1: “My pastor learned what he n ...

Church Staffing: Marry Rachel, End Up With Leah?

Donald Hintze Uses Profiles to Connect the Right Leader to a Church Staff “You don’t want to think you’re marrying Rachel and end up with Leah,” says Donald Hintze, Executive Director of The Gulf Coast Baptist Association, referring to missteps taken by church search committees when they hire new staff. In coaching and leading an alliance o ...

Churches: Profiles Are a Catalyst for Healing in a Local Church

“It was a horrible time,” says Tobi S.,* a staff member at Northeast Community Church* in a northeastern state. The lead pastor had been let go for a moral failure. People were heartsick and began to doubt their faith. Each week, more members left the church and giving was down. The staff was wounded by infighting, gossip, and slander. The stre ...

Counselor Invests in Marriages and Teams Using Profiles

During the 40+ years as a lead pastor, Jimmy McLeod discovered his special abilities in counseling individuals and conducting support groups, later honing those skills by becoming a board certified pastoral counselor. Today, Jimmy counsels individuals, couples, and families full-time at Becomer Counseling Services, and also consults with churches, ...
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