Exercises to use with your team, spouse, or family to apply profile results.

Coffee Debrief: An Exercise in Meaningful Interactions

This exercise helps you have meaningful interactions using profile data in conversation. For You To Think About Words have incredible power; they can be unifying or isolating. Think back to a time when you were on the receiving end of harsh words. You may have felt weak, abandon, hurt, or rejected. Now think about a time when you received authentic ...

3×5 Card Game

Materials Need For this Exercise Two tables or flat surfaces Four unopened packages of 3×5 index cards (lined or unlined, any color). With a felt tip marker, write on two of the packages “DO NOT OPEN” Timing device: stopwatch, timer, or watch with seconds measurement Instructions The point of the first exercise is to break the ice and to ...

Team-Building: Flip Chart Exercise in Problem-Solving

Put your team’s profile results into practice with this powerful exercise that uses a simple flip chart. Step 1 Divide your group into 3 groups based on where they fell on the Problem-Solving continuum (aggressive, neutral or reflective). Place each group in separate corners of the room with a flip chart and black marker. Instruct the aggressive ...
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