210 Project Church Support

Imagine what would happen if each person discovered their unique design
and began to engage others to fulfill their passion and calling!

Our Alliance team interacts regularly with pastors and lay leaders, and a question often asked of us is,

“How do I get God’s people engaged in the world around them?”

Most pastors have a God-given desire to meet the many expressed needs in their local church and in the surrounding community, but realistically, it is impossible for the pastor and even the church staff to do this work on their own.   In fact, God’s design is for each believer to fulfill their calling for good works which God prepared for them to do. (Ephesians 2:10)   But many Christians don’t know that they have unique, God-given gifts, strengths, and experience to be used for His purposes.  As a result, this power to impact their community lies dormant.  Imagine what would happen if each person discovered their unique design and began to engage others to fulfill their passion and calling!  Imagine the Body working together, in unity, to be the light and salt in their communities, as God intended!

Alliance Ministries has produced The 210 Project, a book and online assessment process, to help each Christ-follower in your local Body, to discover their place in God’s story. Designed to be used in small groups, the 12 week study will equip, encourage, and help to ignite Christians to do good works. Waterstone Church in Colorado has used this unique project to engage over 500 people in service to the community.

To assist your church in utilizing this remarkable tool, we have developed a user friendly Facilitator Guide for those desiring to lead a small group through The 210 Project. We recognize that not everyone who leads is a theologian, or pastor, or even in vocational ministry. We also recognize that there are few things as frustrating as wanting to jump in and serve, but not feeling equipped to do so. This guide should help alleviate some of those concerns. Some who choose to lead may use his or her teaching gift to instruct.  Others may use their gift of exhortation to facilitate. Our goal with the Facilitator Guide is to provide Christ followers, who have diverse gifts and talents, the basic materials needed for dynamic group interaction.  A general outline with suggested questions and discussion starters are included – perfect for facilitating a group that has completed the homework assignments as encouraged.  In addition, we have included several appendices, corresponding with specific session outlines, which include additional information for those facilitators wanting to go deeper.

Download The Small Group Guide Here

Nick Lillo, Lead Pastor at Waterstone Church Colorado, has developed a sermon series that will be beneficial to any pastoral team looking to motivate the local body of believers, through God’s Word, to good works.

View Waterstone 210 Project Messages

Suggested Sermon Outline
Sermon Outline
Sample Sermon 1
Called To Play Your Part
Sample Sermon 2
Two Testimony Christians

Other tools offered include a 12-week devotional guide and a personal prayer guide. And, our team stands ready to train your team as needed!


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