3 New Projects Underway at Ministry Insights

The summer has been hot and so have our plans for Ministry Insights. We’ve been working hard to develop new ways to improve the client experience and help you build stronger teams.

Here are three new projects in the works that will launch in fall 2022.

1. Newsletter

If you’re reading this article you probably found it via the email newsletter we launched in July 2022. Beginning in August, it will publish on the first and third Monday of each month, and it’s the first place we will post new content and info about our latest projects.

If you have an account with Ministry Insights, you will receive the newsletter. 

2. Podcast

Another channel we’re launching this fall is the Strong Teams Podcast. The show, hosted by Rodney Cox, will focus on, you guessed it – building strong teams. In addition to discussing best practices in leadership and team building, we will also interview thought leaders in the space. To make the podcast as accessible as possible, we will be posting videos of the podcast on Youtube. 

3. StrongTeams.com

Last but not least, we can’t wait to introduce you to StrongTeams.com. Don’t worry, StrongTeams.com isn’t replacing the Ministry Insights website, it’s just our newest family member. The new website will host our new podcast and help us spread our message of biblically-based leadership and teams.

Since 2001 our vision remains the same, to equip Christ Followers to understand their unique strengths, the unique strengths of others and blend their differences to become more together. These new initiatives demonstrate our commitment to this vision in 2022 and beyond. 

Curious to know more about Ministry Insights’ latest projects? You’ll have to attend the 2022 Equipping Conference in Asheville, NC on October 11. Registration details at MinistryInsights.com.

August 2022 — Editorial Staff