Pastor-Turned-Administrator Helps Leaders Battle Isolation, Build Community

Pastor to Pastors Uses LFYS Profiles to Connect, Affirm, Resource, and Encourage Leaders During the nineteen years that Ron Martin pastored local churches, he observed increasing isolation among ministers and people in general. He saw pastors and colleagues push through the vocation’s season-after-season pressures with little accountability, lack of affirmation, and even absence of support. […]

A Tale of Two Leaders

A Tale of Two Leaders

Darrel wasn’t new to ministry. He’d been a part of two other church teams before taking on his new role as executive pastor at a growing suburban church. But what was new to him was the emotional pressure he felt after just one year on the job – particularly the tension he experienced interacting with […]

Is Attending an Equipping Conference for You?

What if you and those around you were able to discover a way to thrive, rather than simply survive? That is the principle behind the Ministry Insights Equipping Conference. This powerful hands-on live event, unique to the growing strengths movement, has inspired hundreds of leaders to embrace differences and build strong teams, marriages, and families. […]