Coaching: “Just Ask Questions”

Profiles Make It Easy to Coach All Kinds of Clients “One thing I love about coaching,” says certified personal coach and former pastor Frank Maycock, “Is that I just ask questions.” lucky patcher for android Frank’s unique approach at his ...

Guest Post: 4 Steps to Making the Right Hire

At Ministry Insights, we work to equip Christ-followers and ministries to build stronger leaders. This is the first of two excellent articles from our good friend and Ministry Insights practitioner Paul Alexander that gives you great steps to take in successful staffing. Four Steps to Making the Right Hire BY PAUL ALEXANDER, Posted APRIL 8, 201 ...

Church Staffing: Marry Rachel, End Up With Leah?

Donald Hintze Uses Profiles to Connect the Right Leader to a Church Staff “You don’t want to think you’re marrying Rachel and end up with Leah,” says Donald Hintze, Executive Director of The Gulf Coast Baptist Association, referring to missteps taken by church search committees when they hire new staff. In coaching and leading an alliance o ...

LifeWay Consultant Finds Profile’s Impact Is Like a “Divine Revelation”

Doug Akers Uses Profiles in Church Consulting “LifeWay deals directly with over 40,000 churches,” says Doug Akers, speaking of the Nashville-TN-based leading provider of Bibles, curriculum, books, audio/visual and Christian resources. That’s a lot of churches. Doug serves as Lifeway’s lead church consultant, helping to equip teams across th ...

Is Attending an Equipping Conference for You?

What if you and those around you were able to discover a way to thrive, rather than simply survive? That is the principle behind the Ministry Insights Equipping Conference. This powerful hands-on live event, unique to the growing strengths movement, has inspired hundreds of leaders to embrace differences and build strong teams, marriages, and famil ...

Financial Advisor Uses Universal Message to Build Marriages

How Love & Money Helps Couples Work Together In 1986 while at a professional conference, financial advisor Don Blanton heard a presentation that changed the way he worked with clients. The lecture, a precursor to the Leading From Your Strengths profiles, outlined four personality types and their strengths. The descriptions intrigued Don, who wa ...

Different By Design Builds Marriages in All Life Stages

Three Ways Practitioners Use Curriculum to Equip Couples Healthy, mutually supportive marriages become that way intentionally. So say our certified practitioners, who use Different By Design marriage curriculum in all kinds of settings. Different By Design guides couples through the process of identifying their individual strengths, their spouse’ ...

Coaching the Coaches with the Profiles

Profiles Help Tony Husted Build Credibility Professionally – and Personally Christian life coach Tony Husted, co-founder of new personal development ministry Awyken, wasn’t always tuned into how others could best use their strengths. Yet today the Leading From Your Strengths profiles are an integral part of Tony’s coaching process, thanks in ...

Using the Profiles: Consultant Promotes Profiles Full-Time

  Paul Tepker was serving as chief of staff at a large church in California in 2008 when he stumbled upon the Leading From Your Strengths profiles online. Because he always sought out tools to use for team-building, Paul purchased a profile for himself. The dead-on accurate results were astounding, and Paul decided to use team building resourc ...
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