Two Lies About Your Pastor

“Me – lie about my pastor?” If you’re like most in the church, you are horrified at the thought. None of us likes to think we’re perpetuating untruths about our spiritual leader. But you may be – albeit unwittingly. It happens when you accept commonly-held beliefs without question. Beliefs like … Lie #1: “My pastor […]

Insight: Task-Oriented or People-Oriented? God Uses Both on Teams

Insights are short, biblical truths to equip you to lead from your strengths. Are you task-oriented or people-oriented? Each of us has a natural way we interact with your environment. This God-given inclination falls into one of two different orientations. The task-oriented among us are interested in “getting the job done.” They’re list-makers and sequential thinkers […]

LifeWay Consultant Finds Profile’s Impact Is Like a “Divine Revelation”

Doug Akers Uses Profiles in Church Consulting “LifeWay deals directly with over 40,000 churches,” says Doug Akers, speaking of the Nashville-TN-based leading provider of Bibles, curriculum, books, audio/visual and Christian resources. That’s a lot of churches. Doug serves as Lifeway’s lead church consultant, helping to equip teams across the U.S. to maximize their ministry. Leading […]

Insight: Conflict Can Lead to Multiplication

God Builds Ministry Using our Differences Insights are short, biblical truths to equip you to lead from your strengths. Conflict between Christ-followers takes various forms. It is not always destructive. Consider the conflict between Paul and Barnabas, a formidable ministry team. The two had completed Paul’s first missionary journey (planting new churches and leading many to […]