Pastor-Turned-Administrator Helps Leaders Battle Isolation, Build Community

Pastor to Pastors Uses LFYS Profiles to Connect, Affirm, Resource, and Encourage Leaders During the nineteen years that Ron Martin pastored local churches, he observed increasing isolation among ministers and people in general. He saw pastors and colleagues push through the vocation’s season-after-season pressures with little accountability, lack of affirmation, and even absence of support. […]

Profiles in the Desert: Deployed Army Unit Uses LFYS to Strengthen Teams, Boost Morale

Lieutenant Colonel Philip “Buddy” Winn, U.S. Army chaplain, leads ministry teams serving soldiers and their families of Task Force Spartan, comprised of active and reserve Army and National Guard units. His job mushroomed recently when troops from Task Force Spartan were deployed to the deserts of southwest Asia as part of Operation Spartan Shield (OSS). […]