“God Connection” Leads New Adult Ministry to the 210 Project

Mona McDonald had been involved with Arizona Baptist Children’s Services and Family Ministries (ABCS) for more than a decade when she recently felt God’s call to focus on the state’s aging adult population. “Arizona baby boomers are turning 6 ...

Versatility: Leader Uses Profiles to Onboard New Team Members

Scott Mawdesley Transitions and Coaches Church Staff With LFYS “I have a confession,” says Scott Mawdesley, a campus pastor with 12Stone Church in Gwinett County, GA. “I use the Leading From Your Strengths profiles differently from other leader ...

LifeWay Consultant Finds Profile’s Impact Is Like a “Divine Revelation”

Doug Akers Uses Profiles in Church Consulting “LifeWay deals directly with over 40,000 churches,” says Doug Akers, speaking of the Nashville-TN-based leading provider of Bibles, curriculum, books, audio/visual and Christian resources. That’s a lot of churches. Doug serves as Lifeway’s lead church consultant, helping to equip teams across th ...

Counselor Invests in Marriages and Teams Using Profiles

During the 40+ years as a lead pastor, Jimmy McLeod discovered his special abilities in counseling individuals and conducting support groups, later honing those skills by becoming a board certified pastoral counselor. Today, Jimmy counsels individuals, couples, and families full-time at Becomer Counseling Services, and also consults with churches, ...

Transitions: Canadian Leader Helps Midlifers, Teams Transition Well

Dr. Dan Reinhardt and CREST Leadership use profiles to guide midlife leaders After eighteen years of pastoral leadership, Dr. Dan Reinhardt took a sabbatical to pursue a doctorate in ministry leadership. As he conducted his thesis research he discovered the absence of leadership training material for mid-life leaders. CREST Leadership is an outgrow ...

Versatility: Pastor, Educator Uses Profiles Across Ministry Areas

When the Leading From Your Strengths profile was released in 2001, a friend presented Dr. Greg Hibbins with a complimentary copy. Greg completed the assessment – and the personal impact was profound. “The profile data helped me to understand who I am in Christ even after being in ministry so many years,” says Greg. “I finally saw what I was ...
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