Parenting Insight: Pushy Parenting – Is It a Strength?

Insights are short, biblical truths to equip you to lead from your strengths. Any parent knows that raising a child presents a series of problems to solve. Each step in parenting presents different challenges. When it comes to solving problems, one size does not fit all. That is why God has specifically wired you to solve problems in a way that can ...

Marriage Insight: One Situation, Two Problems. How a Couple’s Strengths Blend To Solve Them

Insights are short, biblical truths to equip you to lead from your strengths. You’ve experienced it yourself: one set of circumstances produces different problems for you and your spouse. A promotion means you must move further away from one set of in-laws but closer to the other. Your spouse battles an unfavorable diagnosis and you battle worry. ...

Marriage Insight: Good Grief! How Differences Help Couples Grieve Together

Insights are short, biblical truths to equip you to lead from your strengths. Healthy couples recognize that processing grief is like solving a problem. If two spouses solve problems differently, they also may grieve differently – even when they face the same situation. During a season of grief, a husband and wife can affirm the other’s strengt ...

Self-Examination, Part 3: How Can You Blend to Build Better Relationships?

Part 3 in a series of 3 A new year is a good time to objectively assess your relationships and make a plan to grow them in the coming months.chromecast desktop We created this 3-part article series to help with the process of self-examination. Once you have taken stock of how you are using your own strengths (Part 1) and how you are valuing others ...

Different By Design, Part 3: Problem Solving Together With Your Spouse

Problem Solving: Do You Step In or Step Back? When you’re faced with a problem, do you step in and work to solve it right away – boldly and directly? Or maybe you step back cautiously and calculate the costs of your options before you make a decision. Chances are, you tend towards one option which is more natural to you. So does your spouse. Pr ...
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