Devotional: Facing Risk Then and Now – Joshua Goes Off Grid

Old Testament Characters and Their Strengths: Joshua If you’re facing a significant transition, you want a person like Joshua on your side to help navigate risk. Here is a guy who had survived four decades in the wilderness and then went on to lead a years-long, successful military invasion. Afterwards, he negotiated territory settlements for 12 ...

Devotional: Managing Change Then and Now – Abigail’s Steady Diplomacy

Old Testament Characters and Their Strengths: Abigail If you’re facing conflict, you want a person like Abigail on your side to help mediate. She was a classic “Listen and Be Patient” woman. Caught between the actions of her foolish husband and the hurt of a magnetic leader during a period of rapid change in Israel, Abigail was able to demons ...

Devotional: Processing Information Then and Now – Moses Gets the Facts

Old Testament Characters and Their Strengths: Moses If you’re facing a challenge or undertaking a new project, you want a guy like Moses to grasp your vision. Moses was a classic “Check Out the Facts First” kind of guy, and with good reason. His assignment was difficult and long-term. Moses needed to know this was genuinely his mission before ...

Devotional: Solving Problems Then and Now – Nehemiah Gets It Done

Old Testament Characters and Their Strengths: Nehemiah If you’re running a building project, you want Nehemiah as your general contractor. Consider his resume: Nehemiah led a major structural renovation that surrounded an entire city, completing it under budget and in 52 days. And he used a volunteer work force. He was a classic “Let’s Get It ...
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