Devotional: Solving Problems Then and Now – Nehemiah Gets It Done

Old Testament Characters and Their Strengths: Nehemiah If you’re running a building project, you want Nehemiah as your general contractor. Consider his resume: Nehemiah led a major structural renovation that surrounded an entire city, completing it under budget and in 52 days. And he used a volunteer work force. He was a classic “Let’s Get It ...

Devotional: Trust – How Does Yours Reflect Your Strengths?

Jesus met with his disciples in The Upper Room for a last meal before His arrest, trial, crucifixion, and death. He knew what was coming. They did not. Jesus explained to His disciples that He was going away; He was leaving the Holy Spirit with them; He would come get them later. So when Jesus drops the bombshell –“Yet a little while longer I ...

Strengths in the Christmas Story, Part 1: Solving Problems Together

How God Used Mary and Joseph’s Strengths in Solving Problems The Christmas story offers powerful lessons about strengths. God specially selected Mary and Joseph to bring His Son into the world and raise Him. He used their different strengths in processing information, solving problems, managing change, and facing risk – each in unique ways. ...

Devotional: Ways Disciples Used Their Strengths, Part 3

“Fix It Now” or “One Step at a Time”: How Do You Solve Problems? Ways the Disciples Used Their Strengths, Part 3 In the aftermath of Jesus’ arrest, death, and resurrection, His disciples solved problems, processed information, managed change, and faced risk differently. Their different strengths helped them work together to move forward t ...
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