FAQs: Tight Patterns and Neutral Graphs

What Do They Mean? Your Leading From Your Strengths profile report (or your Marriage Insights profile report) includes two personalized charts: your Natural Strengths Chart and your Strengths Movement Chart. These charts are a visual representation of the data compiled from your questionnaire. The charts reveal your strengths in four areas: problem solving, processing information, […]

Report Consolidation Template

The report consolidation template is designed to consolidate your profile into a powerful one-page document that can be used to share information quickly. the following pages from the profile are consolidated for sharing: General Characteristics Strengths Chart Strengths Movement Chart Insights Wheel Ideal Environment Dos and Don’ts in Communication Report Consolidation Template Pages Version: Download Word Version: Download Support Help Video

How to Order Profiles

You can order Leading From Your Strengths profiles easily and securely. Profiles (made up of an online questionnaire and subsequent report) can be purchased at this website using an email address and a valid credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express). Your personal information is safe through our secure shopping cart system. Take […]

Why am I not placing on the Insights Wheel

Occasionally, a user may find he does not place on the Strengths Wheel. Non-placeable simply means all the scales are neutral therefore the data cannot place the person in 1 of the 60 possible places on the wheel. Reasons why you may not place on the Strengths Wheel When results are neutral on the Strengths Chart deeming you non-placeable than it […]