How to Order Profiles

You can order Leading From Your Strengths profiles easily and securely. Profiles (made up of an online questionnaire and subsequent report) can be purchased at this website using an email address and a valid credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express). Your personal information is safe through our secure shopping cart system. Take […]

Why am I not placing on the Insights Wheel

Occasionally, a user may find he does not place on the Strengths Wheel. Non-placeable simply means all the scales are neutral therefore the data cannot place the person in 1 of the 60 possible places on the wheel. Reasons why you may not place on the Strengths Wheel When results are neutral on the Strengths Chart deeming you non-placeable than it […]

How do I reprint my profile?

You can reprint the profile as many times as you choose. Take these steps to reprint the profile Find  your original Response Link. Go to Insert the link in the Response Link box. Click “Start.” You will be prompted for the email address you used when you completed the profile previously. An option will […]

How often should I take a profile?

How often should you take a profile assessment? While your natural strengths data is not likely to change over the course of your lifetime, your adaptive strengths data will change as you move into new circumstances or new environments. Adaptive strengths data will also change as you grow and mature. When to Take a Profile […]

How secure is my profile information?

Your profile information (as well as your personal information) is stored securely with Ministry Insights. Your Profile Information Is Confidential All profiles are completely confidential. They are only delivered to the email address you provide and/or to the purchasing agent. If You Lose Your Profile Report Ministry Insights saves a copy of your report on […]

What if I disagree with my profile?

Occasionally a user may disagree with profile results. Ministry Insights profiles are generated based upon responses to the online questionnaire. They reflect the unique behavioral style associated with those responses. For example, if a mostly dominant, assertive, confident person chooses accurate descriptors on the assessment, the report will highlight those characteristics in the text and […]

How do I apply the profile?

Users want to know how to apply the profile in practical ways. The profiles help you recognize and understand your God-given strengths. In addition, they provide an objective platform and practical statements to use for improving communication with others. The Best Way to Apply the Profile The most valuable method for applying the profile is […]

Why do some profiles use animal names?

In the past, Ministry Insights Profiles used word pictures of four animals: Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, and Beaver. Each animal type communicated one of four personality types and associated behavioral characteristics that are measured in our questionnaires. You have probably heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”The use of the animal names […]