A Tale of Two Leaders

Darrel wasn’t new to ministry. He’d been a part of two other church teams before taking on his new role as executive pastor at a growing suburban church. But what was new to him was the emotional pressure he felt after just one year on the job ...

Versatility: Leader Uses Profiles to Onboard New Team Members

Scott Mawdesley Transitions and Coaches Church Staff With LFYS “I have a confession,” says Scott Mawdesley, a campus pastor with 12Stone Church in Gwinett County, GA. “I use the Leading From Your Strengths profiles differently from other leader ...

Pure Flix, Personal Growth, and the Profile

Jim Schubert and Pure Flix Management Integrate LFYS as Part of the Team Culture Soon after the release of its break out film, God’s Not Dead (2014), Pure Flix invited Jim Schubert to be a part of their team to build the company to the next level, particularly in the role of building the company’s culture. In just a decade since its launch in 2 ...

Insight: Change the Way You Think, Part 2

Insights are short, biblical truths to equip you to lead from your strengths Change the Way You Think, Part 2 of 2 “What is God’s will for my life?” Like most of us, you’ve been drawn to that question. And you have likely have sought answers. If God would simply send you a memo outlining His instructions and the end result He’d like you t ...

Give The Gift of Strengths

How You Can Empower Others to Know and Use Theirs Every person has strengths. But do the people in your life know theirs … and understand how to use them? You can help that happen when you give them a gift of strengths – a tool they can use right away. As an added bonus, most of these gifts are available with an immediate download. A Gift ...
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