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God created you and your spouse with unique strengths and placed you together to complete each other. His plan in your marriage is not for two people to shed your individual uniqueness, nor is it for your differences to isolate you.couple with linked hands The problem is until now, couples have not had a simple way to understand each other’s unique strengths to build a meaningful oneness in marriage.

Marriage Insights Profiles empower Christian couples like you to take this step – to discover and use your God-given strengths in your marriage, to value your spouse’s strengths, and to blend. The profiles provide both of you with sophisticated and objective insights about your strengths to use right away in building a supportive, unified marriage.

Whether you are looking to enrich your marriage or are struggling in a difficult marriage – don’t just survive. Both of you can thrive.

About Ministry Insights Profiles

The Marriage Insights Profile is a personalized, detailed 24-page report outlining your individual and relational strengths, specifically relating to the marriage relationship. The report accurately and objectively describes who you are in your relationship, keys to motivating you based on your wants and values, and keys to effective communication based on your strengths.

young couple upside downProfile reports are compiled and presented instantaneously after you complete a simple, 10-minute online questionnaire. Results are delivered immediately by email.

When you and your spouse share each other’s reports with each other, you can discover how you complement each other’s strengths. Marriage Insights Profiles also provide action steps to equip you to affirm your spouse’s special qualities, improve communication, and decrease conflict.

The questionnaire

The questionnaire consists of 24 boxes. Each box contains four adjectives we call “descriptors.” The user reads each of the four descriptors and chooses which one describe what he is most like and least like.

It’s that simple.

The profile report

Although the profile questionnaire is quick and simple to complete, it provides sophisticated data in a 24-page report in the following sections:

  • Start Here! A brief overview of the report contents.

Your Strengths

  • Introduction: explanation of the meanings of the letters in Your Style Analysis Graph and brief description of the basic character traits.
  • Your Style Analysis Graph: a visual picture in graph form of your “core” style in four relational areas: problem solving, processing information, managing change, facing risk.
  • General Characteristics: a narrative summary which outlines a broad understanding of the strengths and behavioral style you bring to your marriage.
  • Keys to Motivating: a list of your wants or values that describe what motivates you.
  • Relationship Strengths: a list of specific talents and strengths that you bring to your marriage and relationships.


  • Keys to Communication: a checklist that describes how you like your spouse and others to communicate with you.
  • Barriers to Communication: a checklist that describes what NOT to do when relating with you.
  • Communicating with Others: a list of ways you can improve your communication with others.
  • Hindering Factors: a list of factors that could be hindering your marriage relationship.


  • One-Word Descriptors: words that may describe you in the four predictable areas.
  • Perceptions: a list of ways you see yourself and ways others see you.
  • Action Plan: a guide for preparing a plan to improve communication.

Your Adapted Strengths

  • Additional Insights – introduction and explanation of how much you feel you may need to adapt your “core” style to match your home environment and fit your marriage.
  • Style Analysis Graphs – graphical depiction of your “core” style and your “adapted” style in the four predictable areas.
  • How Are You Having to “Adapt”? – list of descriptions of how you may feel you need to respond to the current environment to be accepted.
  • Core and Adapted Style: a side-by-side comparison of your core style and your adapted style, revealing the stress and pressure you may feel when you adapt your core style to your home environment.
  • The Ministry Insights Wheel: a narrative and visual explanation that shows you and your spouse your collective strengths.

Sharing your Marriage Insights Profile with your spouse will become a great springboard to increased communication and understanding. Use the Marriage Insights Process Guide (a free download) to walk you through sharing your profiles and forming a plan to blend differences. Use the Marriage Insights Workbook (a free download) to study your profile more in-depth.

Why Use Marriage Insights Profiles?

couple in jeans holding handsDifferences divide people today as never before. A large percentage of marriages are filled with strife, discord, apathy, or deadness. Homes are being torn about and marriages are in crisis – and Christian couples are not immune.

God’s plan for marriage offers something much better than that. He gives both the husband and wife unique strengths that are meant to blend together to build oneness – to complement, not compete (1 Corinthians 12).

Often couples are unaware that their differences actually represent enormous strengths. But once a husband and wife recognize the need to pursue God’s plan for differences in their marriage, the results are life-changing.

Here are just some of the reasons couples like you have used Marriage Insights Profiles in their marriages with transformational results.

  • A new marriage today has a 41-43% chance of ending in divorce.
  • 84% Christians get married, but they are just as likely to get divorced (33%) as those who are not Christ-followers (34%).
  • The blended marriage divorce rate is 67% (73% for third marriages.)
  • Nearly one-quarter of married Christians (23%) get divorced two or more times.
  • 70% Americans believe divorce is morally acceptable.
  • Half of all American children will witness the breakup of a parent’s marriage.

Sources: The Barna Group, Focus on the Family, Gallup

How to Use Marriage Insights Profiles

Marriage Insights Profiles allow spouses to understand their strengths, how their strengths complement each other, and blend. After completing a simple individual online questionnaire, each spouse receives a personalized report which helps them discover their God-given strengths. This objective, positive data allows couples to respect each other’s strengths and complete each other to build a stronger marriage.

young African American couple huggingHere are practical steps each of you can take to use Marriage Insights Profiles and build a supportive, energizing marriage.

  • Complete an individual Marriage Insights questionnaire. By filling out the questionnaire, you’ll learn what makes you tick in the marriage relationship and provide valuable information to your spouse.
  • Read your profile report. Note what you learn from it or how the report confirms what you already know. Read the report more than once to understand it better.
  • Highlight statements. Select at least four statements in each section of the report that you believe are most true about you.
  • Share with your spouse. Use your reports as a springboard for discussion. Set aside time to talk about profile results with your spouse. Share highlighted sections from your report and listen as your spouse shares his or hers.
  • Apply what you learn. Use the Action Plan section of your reports to choose commitments you’re willing to make to improve your communication and relationship.
  • Go deeper. Download a personal copy of Marriage Insights Workbook. Work through the questions to give you better insight into your strengths and how to blend differences in your marriage. With your spouse, use the Marriage Insights Process Guide hand-in-hand with the workbook to gain even more insight.
  • Learn with a group. Use Different By Design curriculum in a class or small group to grow in a deeper understanding of how differences can strengthen your marriage.
  • Attend a conference. Check our calendar. Find out where Different By Design and Love and Money conferences are scheduled near you and plan to attend.
  • Keep growing. Continue to regularly reinforce your spouse’s strengths and affirm positive changes, understanding, and improved communication with each other.

A solid understanding about differences with your spouse takes time and effort, but the rewards of a stronger, more supportive marriage are priceless.

The Marriage Insights Process Guide

The 5-page Marriage Insights Process Guide, a free download, is designed to cultivate interaction between you and your spouse. The Guide gives you short exercises related to each section of your Marriage Insights Profiles that inspire discussion, open lines of communication, create deeper understanding, and build closeness in your marriage.

You can gain even more from the Marriage Insights Process Guide when you and your spouse use it hand-in-hand with the Marriage Insights Workbook.

Download the Marriage Insights Process Guide.

The Marriage Insights Workbook

cover-Marriage Insights WorkbookThis 15-page, self-paced workbook is a free download. It complements the Marriage Insights Profile and helps you get the most out of your report by walking you through each section of your personalized report. The Marriage Insights Workbook equips you to understand your strengths and blend with your spouse’s strengths to make a more vital, dynamic marriage.

Each spouse downloads a copy of the workbook and completes it individually to understand his or her strengths. Then, you and your spouse can use your workbooks as a resource while you discuss your individual reports, gaining even more insight and creating an action plan as you work through the Marriage Insights Process Guide together.

Download the Marriage Insights Workbook.

How To Buy Marriage Insights Profile Reports

Profiles, made up of an online questionnaire and subsequent report, can be purchased at this website using an email address and a valid credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express). Your personal information is safe through our secure shopping cart system.

Happy couple in the kitchenTake these steps to buy Marriage Insights Profiles:

  • Click on “Add to Cart” at the right to select a profile or set of profiles.
  • Fill out the online order form completely. Billing information needs to match the credit card’s billing address to complete your order.
  • View and print your receipt displayed onscreen at the end of the checkout process. You’ll also receive a copy by email.
  • Look in the email for your single-use password code, which you will use to complete your online profile assessment.
  • Once you complete the online questionnaire (in 10 minutes or less), results will be delivered immediately to your inbox.

Your credit card statement will show charges to Ministry Insights or Insights International.

What People Say About Marriage Insights Profiles

“The Marriage Insights Profile was excellent in that it addressed our differences in a way that we hadn’t looked at before. This was not the first time we have used such tools to strengthen our relationship. But we learned more about each other through this material than we have anywhere else over the years. “
Joe and Sheila

African American couple“One of the most freeing things I learned was that our differences are not actually a hindrance to intimacy but God’s design them to lead us to intimacy.”

“These important tools gave us what we need to tackle communication issues that have plagued our marriage for 30 years.”
Laurie and Bill

“We have been married 35 years. The material helped me understand my husband’s aggressive ways in tackling problems, processing information and risk taking. He charges ahead as a valiant warrior, while I need time to assess and assimilate. Neither is wrong or right … it just is and God designed it that way. WOW! We are now celebrating our differences by His design and wish we would have know this information years ago. The longer I am married, the more I treasure the fact that in almost all cases, my husband and I complement each other … his strengths, I want no part of and lack. My strengths are often what does not interest him at all and therefore serve to strengthen him and our relationship.”

“I think all couples should have this insight of one another. Understanding our difference builds bonds you might not have within your current relationship and could really help with the way you communicate with one another, now and in the future.”
Doug and Amy

Marriage Insights Profile FAQs

couple huggingQ. What’s the difference between Marriage Insights Profiles and your other profile products?
A. The Marriage Insights Profile is a personalized, detailed 24-page report outlining your individual and relational strengths, specifically relating to the marriage relationship. All Ministry Insights profile products draw upon the same principle: every person is uniquely gifted and contributes to his or her work environment, marriage, or family. Each profile set analyzes your one-of-a-kind personality information and equips you to use your strengths in that particular setting (Leading From Your Strengths Profiles in your work setting, Marriage Insights Profiles in your marriage, and Family Insights Profile in your family.)


Different By Design Facilitator Kit

In eight interactive sessions, couples will engage with insightful teaching and experiential exercises that help to unlock the information in their individual Marriage Insights Profile.


  • 2 DVD’s
  • 2 Workbooks
  • 8 Interactive Sessions
  • Facilitator Introductions

Note: 3-5 day delivery on the DVD.

$39.95 USD

Different By Design Couple's Pack

The Different By Design Workbook is designed to be used with the Different By Design Facilitator Kit and will ensure couples stay on track as they fill in the blanks, interactive with exercises and document goals. The workbook is 21 pages in length and contains everything the facilitator needs to conduct a successful small group study.


  • 2 DBD Participant Workbooks
  • 2 Marriage Insights Profiles

Note: Electronic codes are delivered instantly for the profiles and 3-5 day delivery on the workbooks.

Note: Workbook is designed to be used with the Different By Design Facilitator DVD Curriculum.

$49.95 USD

Different By Design Bundle

The Different By Design Bundle contains everything a couple needs to complete the Different By Design marriage builder. It is designed for a couple to pop in their DVD player and complete the material and exercises in a self-paced manner.


  • 2 DVD’s
  • 8 Interactive Sessions
  • Facilitators Introduction
  • 2 DBD Participant Workbooks
  • 2 Marriage Insights Profiles

$64.95 USD


Marriage Insights

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All electronic profile codes are instantly delivered via email after purchase.

$26.95 USD (1 Marriage Profile)

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