How We Help Families

You and your family can do more than just survive. You can thrive!

Teenage daughter kissing mom on the cheekAt Ministry Insights, we help families understand your God-given strengths, each others\' strengths, and how you complement each other to build a strong unit

We use a process and provide tools in this powerful strengths movement.\

We use a process

We use a three-step process to equip families to build a strong unit.

  1. We equip Christians to discover their unique personalities.
  2. We equip Christians to understand and value the unique personalities in their family members.
  3. We equip Christians to blend their differences to strengthen their families.

We provide tools

We provide tools to bring about this process. These resources help families understand their God-given strengths, blend their differences, and build supportive home environments. Our tools include three critical elements necessary to transform relationships.

  • They are rooted in the truth of God\'s Word.
  • They provide objective data about and for the individual.
  • They outline purposeful, personalized application.

What happens when families use the process and tools

The process and the tools work together to achieve three powerful results.

Result #1. Families understand the principle of differences

People readily accept that division in families is the norm. They are not aware of evidence that points to the ability to blend with other family members. We provide foundational materials in our products that explain why differences in families are God\'s design and how differences can be a powerful tool to build a strong unit. By casting a vision of what can be a strong, powerful force in blending, we are able to demonstrate that blindly accepting division as inevitable in the home is not OK. Our profiles, articles, books, and resources delve into this principle and provide the backbone of information upon which equipping and coaching rests. Educating people about the truth of scripture lays the foundation for allowing them to apply that truth to their lives.

Result #2. Families understand their differences

Ministry Insights Profiles are comprised of two elements - a questionnaire to be completed by the individual and the subsequent profile report. The questionnaire is conducted online in 10 minutes or less. Results are delivered in a comprehensive, 24-page report immediately via email. The report provides objective data, individualized for each family member, derived from our proprietary behavioral questionnaire. The inventory has been constructed and tested repeatedly using a combination of technology and solid behavioral research, and re-purposed for the Christian market. It measures human behavior into four quadrants, each represented in every person in varying degrees. Ministry Insights profiles are considered to be more comprehensive, accurate, and user-friendly than other behavioral profiles available. Ministry Insights profile perceived accuracy by users is 92.1%.

Result #3. Families blend their differences

Profile data includes practical application in the form of action steps for families. Ministry Insights also provides a Family Insights Process Guide as a springboard for families to use in discussion and practical application. Certified trainers (available world-wide) further provide one-on-one coaching and support. Additional support (including books, articles, and conferences) equip families to delve deeper into understanding how individual strengths can build their family up, not tear it down.

Families can pursue understanding the truth about their strengths, each others\' strengths, and learn complement each other to build the strong families God intends!


Healthier relationships are possible.

Accomplish more. Become more. Do it together.