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Her love for art and design is apparent in Connie’s everyday life where she lives in a beautifully decorated home, creates her own Vintage Jewelry line: Proof Jewelry and motivates individuals to live their lives to the fullest. Born in the Midwest, she was inspired by her parents who are lifetime entrepreneurs. She spent most of her time being inspired by successful positive people, hosting parties and events and changing the scenery with new found objects. Her travels to beautiful places opened her world and shaped her classic style. Some of her favorite inspirational destinations are Paris, Chicago, San Francisco and New York City.

Connie’s never ending desire to learn has taken her to Indiana University, The Art Institute of Chicago, New York University, Harvard University and The School of Interior Redesign. She believes learning has the biggest effect on growing as an individual and opens you up to new ideas and people.

In 2004, she launched The Brown Bumblebee, a Vintage French inspired accessory business. She is a self-taught accessories designer who incorporated her own handbag line into the business. Connie then went on to create Notting Hill Jewelry where she designed jewelry from antique pieces found in markets, estate sales and private stockes in the U.S. and Europe. This was a great inspiration to those around her and she found herself motivating others to express themselves creatively so she decided to become a Certified Life Coach at NYU and launched her coaching business. In helping to simplify client’s lives she realized that living spaces are the building blocks for organizing your lives. Her passion for design and for making positive change has inspired her to launch Simply Defined Design.

Connie’s style is both classic and modern. She loves the diversity of this combination and how amazing the styles are combined. Her style is clean, simple and defined. She believes in finding good design in unusual places and not breaking the bank in order to change a space. It is more about editing and re-styling with what you currently own and adding powerful statement pieces to define the space.

Connie lives in Connecticut where you will find her hunting for inspiration with friends, hosting fabulous parties, antiquing, traveling, and constantly looking for new inspiration.