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I am a Life Coach, trained through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute and am a member of the Christian Coaches Network. I have personally experienced the benefit of having a Life Coach after transitioning from a management leadership role in a large multi-faceted church environment. I am also certified as a Level11 Ministry Insights Practitioner and it gives me great satisfaction to review strength assessments with individuals to help them understand their God given strengths in the areas of problem solving, processing information, managing change and facing risk. The awareness the assessment gives is life changing!
It impacts your leadership, your communication style and unity on a team..

I have used this tool in the ministry setting and in the workplace to enlighten people about their strength style. My passion is leadership development in the church setting.
It is a true privilege to walk alongside a pastor, coaching this individual in defining direction, developing a strategy and creating a plan of mobilization to realize their God-given vision. The resources provided through Ministry Advantage are intentional, focused and results driven so that the partnership of a pastor and coach can work cohesively. I am a strong advocate of systems and processes that allow churches to work efficiently and effectively, freeing the pastor do do what the person is passionate about. To see pastors regain confidence, move from being a manager to a strong focused leader is the greatest gift of coaching. My association with Ministry Advantage is perfectly matched to my strengths, acquired skills and passion to see the Kingdom changed through effective Ministry. Together a coach and a pastor can be used for impacting the church leadership to create a strong, vital future with eternal impact for the lives of it’s people. Make sure you check out the link for MA on this website!