• You know I am always amazed how God opens doors! I shouldn’t be but that is probably my own insecurity.:) I have been given an amazing opportunity to join the leadership team in the hiring process for our staff and to do coaching with their staff team. I am so passionate about the tools at MI that I even dream about them. I can peel back layers…[Read more]

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    The last two weeks have been quite busy in the world of coaching for me. Strength assessments are my first ” go to ” tool to begin those conversations and I totally embrace the opportunity to unpack the findings. I have watched the layers peel back an awareness that only a strength assessment can bring. Thanks so much to Rodney and his openness to…[Read more]

  • It was a great experience working with the HR department of a large denomination last week. Definitely was helpful in assisting with redefining their job description. Next week off to meet another great staff at a church in our area that is excited to be starting a 3 million expansion program. Will be sharing about Ministry Insights as well as…[Read more]

  • Excited to be going to the head office of a large denomination this week to share how to use the Profile Insights for hiring their site pastors at multiple sites. After being on a church staff and being part of a hiring process for a number of individuals, I know how valuable the tools of MI are for allowing the right people to be used for the…[Read more]

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