• D Scott Werlein posted an update 9 years, 7 months ago

    Leigh wanted me to give a bit of an update… so here goes! Here’s a couple of the ways I’ll be using the LFYS profiles in the immediate future. First, we are looking to hire a Children’s/Youth Pastor and I just ordered a positions insight that our search team will be working though tomorrow night to help in the hiring process. But what is going to be even cooler is that my wife and I are heading down to Costa Rica for a mission trip in March. What I am going to be doing is facilitating a three evening seminar on the LFYS profiles with a group of Costa Rican pastors and their wives. I’ll be ordering the codes soon. I think it is so cool that they will be able to take the assessment in Spanish, receive their results in Spanish, but I get them in English.

    • This is great! One of our certified just took a group of 22 managers in the Domincan Republic through the LFYS and she said “it was an enlightening and empowering experience. Especially as the participants were able to do their assessments in Spanish, receive a profile in Spanish while I received one in English.”