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I thoroughly enjoy promoting increased employee engagement & effectiveness of ministries and organizations. I believe that increasing employee engagement and effectiveness results in achieving your mission, being sustainable, economic growth and community development.

I do not believe that we should value people “so that” we achieve extraordinary results. If we do that, then we only value people in a self-seeking manner (that is transactional leadership and not servant leadership).

Instead, I value people believing that as a leader one of my goals is to bring out the best in those I lead. Yet I do not pretend that extraordinary results won’t follow…they will.

Motivation is one of the major differences between transactional leadership and servant leadership.

With over 13 years of management experience in ministries (including front-line ministry work), my optimism, aggressive problem solving, and a dynamic approach to managing change, have brought success
to every organization of which I have been a part.

Being in vocational ministry for over 10 years, and having completed my Masters in Leadership and Management from Briercrest Seminary, has taught me these 5 Truths of Every Ministry & Organization:
• Every ministry and organization has stakeholders.
• Every ministry and organization exists to provide increased value for its stakeholders.
• Every ministry and organization can succeed with low engagement.
• Every ministry and organization can succeed greater with increased engagement.
• In every ministry and organization, people can tell if you are interested in their success more than, as much as, or less than the ministry’s or organization’s success.

Being Level I and Level II Certified in Leading From Your Strengths, I want to help you navigate the 5 Truths of Every Ministry & Organization so that your ministry or organization can enjoy increased employee engagement & effectiveness for achieving your mission, being sustainable, economic growth and community development.

Additionally, I hold a Masters in Leadership & Management from Briercrest Seminary, as well as being Certified in Team Leadership from them. I love coupling that with my Certification from Ministry Insights to provide high-value leadership and training to both my church (where I serve as Board Chair) as well as my clients.

Feel free to visit my website at https://www.dcleadershipconsulting.ca/ or my LinkedIn page at http://www.linkedin.com/in/donaldcruickshank/