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Joleen is a wife, stay at home-home schooling mama, writer & creative communicator.
She graduated the University of Washington with a BA in English and a minor in Romance Linguistics (scientific study of Romance Languages).
She is a Level I certified trainer in Leading From Your Strengths.
She loves creative communication and creating an environment where people can connect with God; be it through a worship set, a drama, the written word, or a cup of tea.

I help adults and young adults recognize who it is God has uniquely designed them to be so they can run with confidence in what the Living God has hand crafted them to do. I truly believe that there is no one in the world just like you. When you understand how your life experiences, your passions, your God-given abilities and personality–along with the Spiritual Giftings that make up the one and only you–fit together, you will discover, on a whole new level, what you are capable of. God has planted an ever-growing dream in your heart and given you the tools to make it happen; sometimes we just need a little help recognizing or sharpening the tools we have.