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Rick Paget






Sunshine Coast, Queensland, 4559

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PO Box 5

E: rick@equipecoaching.com

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Rick Paget, founder of Equipe Coaching, provides specialist workshops and 1:1 coaching for those seeking real change in their life, purpose and direction.

So many people feel stuck or have exciting and unrealized dreams which remain relatively untouched. Without clarity and structure around these ideas, what could have been life-changing and great, is rarely given opportunity to achieve its full potential.

Through a coaching approach and the Discover Your Calling Course, people who have been feeling stuck, bored, unhappy, lost and unfulfilled have been inspired with greater hope, clarity, direction and fulfilment as they begin walking a life of purpose.

Rick began coaching in 2008 and is currently credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

He brings genuine care and respect to each coaching session and has a natural interest and in people as reflected by his past involvement within different industries such as Tourism, Social Work and as a Community Pastor.

Equipe Coaching is founded upon helping others live a life of value, meaning and purpose.

Contact Rick at rick@equipecoaching.com