How to Order Profiles

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You can order Leading From Your Strengths profiles easily and securely.

Profiles (made up of an online questionnaire and subsequent report) can be purchased at this website using an email address and a valid credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express). Your personal information is safe through our secure shopping cart system. Take these steps:

  • Select a profile or set of profiles and “Add to Cart”.
  • Fill out the online order form completely. Billing information needs to match the credit card’s billing address to complete your order.
  • View and print your receipt displayed onscreen at the end of the checkout process. You’ll also receive a copy by email.
  • You will also instantly receive an order fulfillment email that contains your single-use password(s) and instructions, which you will use to complete the on-line questionnaire.
  • Once you complete the online questionnaire (in 10 minutes or less), results will be delivered immediately to your screen and email inbox.
  • Your credit card statement will show charges to Ministry Insights or Insights International.