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Purpose Module – The Prioritized Leader

This 7 part module includes 7 snackable videos and a downloadable workbook.

All organizations need a clear vision and compelling values to work from. This video series walks through the steps of how to know and live out the “why” of your organization. When vision and values are clear and compelling growth and impact are unlimited. But when vision or values are confusing or ambiguous, organizations will struggle to make meaningful progress.

SESSION 1 | The Opportunity to be a Purpose-Driven Company

This session defines purpose and the questions necessary to live and lead from a place of purpose.

SESSION 2 | Key Components of a Purpose-Led Organization

This session teaches how clear vision and compelling values create a purposeful culture that can bring unlimited productivity.

SESSION 3 | The Brand is your Guide

This session walks through the vehicles, vocabulary and valuation that drive great organization toward a solid purpose and organizational alignment.

SESSION 4 | Brand Problems and Pitfalls

This session examines five pitfalls and four common realities that must be navigated in order to build a strong culture.

SESSION 5 | Walking it Out

This session explores putting your purpose into action to serve target.

SESSION 6 | Reflect and Discuss with Others

Explore how growth happens through purposeful conversations with key people.

SESSION 7 | Action Plan

This session is designed to document an action plan for organizational transformation.