Strengths-Based Leadership: Understand Your Team’s Strengths

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With the right tools and insights could you lead your team to the next level?  

You’ve surrounded yourself with a team of talented godly individuals who are committed to the organization’s mission, but are they using their strengths in the best way possible? 

It wouldn’t be unusual, or an indictment on your leadership, if some of your team members were slipping through the cracks. Research indicates that connected teams demonstrate a 21% increase in profitability over their less-connected counterparts and 86% of employees and leaders cite the lack of collaboration or ineffective communication (connectedness) for workplace failures.

Many leaders struggle to manage the responsibilities of moving an organization forward while also aligning and motivating their team around a shared vision and purpose. 

Leading an organization is an important and time-consuming job, and it’s not always ideal to redirect your focus to assess everyone’s strengths, including your own. 

But without fully understanding your strengths and those you lead, most leaders struggle with getting teams to perform at their best and fail to achieve what they set out to accomplish. 


Build a Strengths-Based Culture 

Assessing, understanding, and implementing change based on thoughtful insights will enable you to strengthen your leadership strengths, develop trust, become more engaged, and create a positive work culture where you leverage everyone’s talents.

When your people feel understood, they’ll feel valued and appreciated. Taking the time to understand and focus on what everyone does well can help increase productivity, collaboration, innovation, and engagement within your organization. 


Create a Positive Ripple

When you’re confident in your abilities and can wholly lean into leading from your strengths, the effect is contagious. As a strong, confident leader, you can significantly impact your organization and enhance how your team perceives one another. 

As you celebrate and encourage each individual’s strengths on your team, it will elevate and promote mutual respect. Your team will become more focused on one another’s strengths instead of each other’s weaknesses. 


Establish Foundational Growth

Hardworking, talented people want to follow great leaders who understand the importance of strengths-based leadership. It generates confidence, trust, togetherness, loyalty, and pride. 

Investing in your team’s growth as well as your own will increase their motivation and self-worth. You will have a happier, more engaged team who feel personally fulfilled by seeing the organization’s mission, purpose, and vision succeed.

More importantly, you’ll be seen as a leader who cares about your people. 


Assess for Greater Success

What if you could get a snapshot of your strengths as a leader in less than 15 minutes? What would that do for you? How might that change how you lead? Imagine if each team member had an assessment done on them; how much more effective could they be in their roles? How much better off would the organization be with everyone aligned around a shared vision and purpose?

The Ministry Insights Strengths-Based Leadership assessment tool will help you understand your strengths as a leader, those of your team members, and how these strengths can guide everyone in pursuit of your organization’s vision and mission.

Take our Leading From Your Strengths assessment today. 

Let us help you build an organization where every member is valued, engaged, growing in their role, contributing positively to the team’s success, living out their purpose while pursuing God’s calling for them at this time in their life!