Support Videos – Leading from Your Strengths

The Leading From Your Strengths Assessment can be used one-on-one or one to many. Team building is probably the number one why people use the assessment but you can also use this outline for coaching.

Below is a suggested outline for team building. The support videos on the next tab can be used to supplement the outline below as needed to help transfer the main concepts to your team.

  1. Part 1: Group Devotional
  2. Part 2: Activity to Understand Differences
  3. Part 3: Process Your Team Members’ Strengths
  4. Part 4: Value to the Team
  5. Part 5: Checklist for Communicating

Introduction and Setup

The Mystery of Differences

The Law of Differences

The Strengths Chart – Problem Solving

The Strengths Chart – Processing Information

The Strengths Chart – Managing Change

The Strengths Chart – Facing Risk

Blending Differences