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Healthy communication on a team

A Healthy Team Plans Together

January 25, 2018
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One Multisite Church’s Story of Simplifying Communications Guest Post by Judy Stallwitz Our staff loves each other. We’re a healthy team that balances humility and willfulness. But just like maintaining a healthy diet or a healthy marriage, maintaining good team health requires attention to drift. “Drift” isn’t a mystical cloud that materializes. It can easily…

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Guest Post: Staffing – Why Church Hires Go Wrong

February 29, 2016
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At Ministry Insights, we work to equip Christ-followers and ministries to build stronger leaders. This is the first of two excellent articles from our good friend and Ministry Insights practitioner Paul Alexander that gives you great steps to take in successful staffing. Why Church Hires Go Wrong BY PAUL ALEXANDER, Posted March 26, 2012 Spiritual…

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Church Staffing: Marry Rachel, End Up With Leah?

January 11, 2016
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Donald Hintze Uses Profiles to Connect the Right Leader to a Church Staff “You don’t want to think you’re marrying Rachel and end up with Leah,” says Donald Hintze, Executive Director of The Gulf Coast Baptist Association, referring to missteps taken by church search committees when they hire new staff. In coaching and leading an…

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Churches: Profiles Are a Catalyst for Healing in a Local Church

October 19, 2015
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“It was a horrible time,” says Tobi S.,* a staff member at Northeast Community Church* in a northeastern state. The lead pastor had been let go for a moral failure. People were heartsick and began to doubt their faith. Each week, more members left the church and giving was down. The staff was wounded by…

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