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Learn to Lead from Your Strengths.

Better understand yourself and your team. Learn how to leverage your differences rather than allowing them to cause division.

Assessments are just the beginning.

Starting with an accurate view of yourself and your team, we provide a framework for understanding and appreciating differences. You can build a team that communicates with empathy, puts the right people in the right place, and executes like never before.

For Teams

With our 15-minute assessment, you can receive a comprehensive report that our customers describe as "scary accurate."

• Increase productivity

• Reduce turnover

• Anticipate and minimize stress

• Define areas of tension

• Screen new team members

For Marriages

Whether you're looking to enrich your marriage or are struggling in a difficult marriage - don\'t just survive. Both of you can thrive. Take our 15-minute assessment:

• Better understand you and your spouse's unique strengths

• Keys to effective communication and conflict resolution

• Action steps to move toward a marriage that thrives

For Small Groups

Have you ever struggled with understanding what your purpose is in life? Our small group products will guide you and your group through an interactive process to uncover a renewed sense of calling in your life:

• Discover who you are and what you're uniquely made for

• Highly personalized content and interactive online tools

• Connect with like-minded believers in our online community

• Move forward in life with clarity and purpose


"Because of Ministry Insights, churches are going to be served by better teams in the years to come."

Tim Gentry

California Southern Baptist Convention

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Lt. Col. Buddy Winn

"When I saw my own report, I was blown away by its accuracy."

Dr. Tate Cockrell


"So helpful in my work, marriage, and parenting."

Cory Carlson

"This is the most comprehensive and useful tool I've encountered."

Michael Lee


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