Why Ministry Insights?

Imagine if those you live and work with consistently felt understood - everyone's strengths are known, valued, and fully integrated. That reality is possible.

People are increasingly unable to get along. Differences often divide us - even in churches, Christian workplaces, and among Christian couples. But conflict and division don't have to be the norm, nor are they God's intention for how His people should operate.

For 20 years, Ministry Insights has been educating people and providing resources around this biblical truth: our God-ordained differences are designed to complement one another, not compete with one another. People are different, Scripture tells us, by God's design.

The Problem

Leaders are leaving their ministry at epidemic levels. 80% of seminary and Bible school graduates who enter the ministry will leave within the first five years. In all denominations nationwide, 1,600 ministers are terminated or forced to resign every month (source: SonScape Ministries). Couples are throwing in the towel at the highest level in our history - the national average is currently at 50% (source: APA).

We clearly suffer from relationship issues. In all areas of life.

The Solution: Understanding Differences

Ministry Insights helps you discover your unique design, how to value the differences in others and learn to blend them to become and accomplish more together than you could alone. Our tools and processes help you understand biblical truth about God's divine design for differences so you can build healthy relationships.

We help ministry teams put the right people in the right roles. We also help existing teams understand one another better by first measuring them with accurate, proven assessments, and then by providing materials and training to help them apply these insights. We also help couples understand and value their differences - equipping them to use their unique strengths to unite them, not divide them.

To date, more than 750,000 people and thousands of churches in the U.S. and abroad have used Ministry Insights to build stronger relationships on their teams, in ministry, and in their marriages.

Healthier relationships are possible.

Accomplish more. Become more. Do it together.