Leading From Your Strengths Facilitators: Level I Certification

Leading From Your Strengths Facilitators

Our Leading From Your Strengths facilitators are pastors, counselors, coaches, trainers and consultants who have been instructed to apply Ministry Insights core foundational principles and our transformational processes.

Level I Certification is a self-paced, online training course with graded testing. You can access the course 24/7/365 with additional downloadable support resources available after completion.

woman taking an online classAll Ministry Insights Certified Trainers have been equipped to:

  • receive a 25% discount on future profile orders where applicable
  • Power Point and Keynote support files
  • PDF support workbooks and guides
  • explain the biblical foundation anchoring the profiles
  • interpret and apply the four inescapable areas of differences
  • interpret profiles with clients
  • recognize applications of the various profile sections
  • explain four sources of stress that cause strength movement
  • identify insights from eight additional support resources
  • use the profiles with individuals and teams
  • identify life applications for teams on the Strengths Wheel

Level I Certified Trainers

To obtain certification, Level I Certified Trainers have completed online certification website training and have demonstrated knowledge, understanding, and expertise in using and applying Ministry Insights Profiles.


Level I Certification

Level I Certification



  • Access to the Self-paced Online Certification Website
  • 2 Leading From Your Strengths Profiles
  • 1 Leading From Your Strengths eBook
  • 1 Level I Certification Downloadable Workbook
  • Access to Level I Support Resources

Certified Trainers

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Our Certified Trainers are counselors, coaches, pastors, trainers, and consultants who have been certified by Ministry Insights to teach it's transformational process.

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