Different by Design Events

You and Your Spouse are Different By Design

God designed each of us with strengths. Both you and your spouse are unique – you are fearfully and wonderfully made. And what makes you unique is often very attractive to someone who is uniquely different than you.

The Different by Design Event is a marriage experience like no other. It’s not a lecture. It’s an interactive conference where you will be captivated as speakers guide you through exercises, leading you and your spouse to meaningful discussion to strengthen your relationship. But be forewarned: your marriage might not ever be the same again.

Don’t just survive in your marriage. Together, you can thrive.

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Event Overview ::

Different By Design Event Overview

quirky coupleThink about it: Did you marry someone very different from you? Differences impact all areas of your marriage, from communication to parenting strategies, from spending to saving. God intends for these differences to unite two spouses, not divide them … for spouses to live as one, not two. The problem is that is until now, couples have not had a simple way to understand each others’ unique strengths to build a meaningful oneness in marriage.

Event Focus

A Different By Design event equips Christian couples like you to take this step – to discover and use your God-given strengths in your marriage, to value your spouse’s strengths, and to blend. Your day will be filled with insightful teaching, experiential exercises, and meaningful discussions that will strengthen your marriage relationship.

What Couples Will Learn

Every couple faces four inescapable areas of differences: problem solving, processing information, managing change and facing risk. These areas seam to drive a wedge in more relationships over time than any other. The conference will open your eyes to God divine design for differences. Together you’ll learn how to use your personal strengths to –

  • Design effective communication strategies
  • Problem solve more effectively
  • Exchange information that is meaningful and practical
  • Balance the scales of a transitioning home environment
  • Work together when making decisions

The Marriage Insights Profile

As part of your registration, you and your spouse will receive a short online assignment to fill out the Marriage Insights Profile questionnaire online. This assignment will take each of you about 8-10 minutes to complete independently, with no input from the other. After finishing, your responses will be instantly tabulated. You’ll receive your personalized Marriage Insights Profile report online through your email inbox. Print a copy, review the results, and bring a copy to the conference.


Event Format::

Different By Design Event Format

couple in marketThis conference is normally hosted by a local church and presented in one of two formats:

  • Friday night (7 – 9 PM) and Saturday morning (9 AM – 12 noon)
  • Saturday morning (8 AM – 3:30)

Participants are asked to complete an individual Marriage Insights Profile prior to the event to gain the most benefit from the event.

Event Sessions

  • The Mystery of Differences
  • Danger in Differences
  • The Law of Differences
  • Problem Solving Together
  • Processing Information Together
  • Managing Change Together
  • Facing Risk Together
  • One Plus One Equals One

To find out the dates of a Different By Design event near you, check our Calendar.

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Event Presenters::

About Different By Design Presenters

Rodney and Beth Cox

Rodney and Beth CoxRodney and Beth Cox are the founders of Ministry Insights International, an equipping ministry dedicated to strengthening Christian relationships in the workplace, in marriages, and in families.

A prominent, gregarious speaker and a man after God’s own heart, Rodney is universally characterized by friends, colleagues, and clients as one of the most insightful men in the strengths movement today. He is author of such titles as Leading From Your Strengths (3 book series), Love and Money, Different By Design, The Discovery Kit, and Incredible Creatures Adventure Kit (DVD Series). His works have touched more than 325,000 church leaders, teams, couples and children worldwide. Rodney works with groups as small as just a handful and up to hundreds, both speaking and leading workshops that equip Christians to discover and use their strengths.

Beth is a highly-respected artist who maintains an active studio in Arizona. Rodney and Beth have been married for 28 years and have two grown children.


Video Tour::

Different By Design Promo Video


What People Say::

What People Say About Different About Design Events

“Today during the lunch break, my wife and I had the most meaningful conversation in our 42 years of marriage!”
Phil, PA older couple biking in park“After taking the Marriage Insights Profile, I felt understood for the first time in my life. Now my Ruth and I are learning to work together in a whole new way. She is learning to use her strengths to solve crisis situations in the home that need quick resolution, while me, being more analytical, deals with the more complex and long-term problems. Instead of Ruth being frustrated when I’m slow to respond in an crises, we both now understand that this is where she shines best. I appreciate her immediate response in this kind of situation, and we are able to use his strengths for long-range planning for the family.
Alex, CO “After 30 years of marriage we have a MUCH better understanding of our differences.”
Jamie and Steve, UT “We been in some form of marriage counseling since the fifth year of their marriage and we have been married 37 years During one of the break-out sessions, we had had one of the most intimate conversation of their marriage. Thank you for giving us hope. Now, that is the power of understanding that differences don’t have to separate us, but, on the contrary, can draw us together.”
Brian and Janice, FL “Fantastic! This seminar opened our eyes to behaviors in each of us and in our children. This has truly been transformational.”
Jack and Ruth, AZ “It was eye opening to think about our marriage as one. Truly one. I loved the profiles. Those really helped us.”
Lori, TX “Finally I feel like I can pinpoint the missing link to the years of failed communication with my spouse. Amazing information. Life changing. Thank you.”
Jeff, GA “I love the profile. I still am dumbfounded how it pegged my personality and given traits. This will help my wife and I immensely.”
Matthew, OH “I now have a much greater understanding of what God meant when he said that two shall become one.”
Mary Sue, NM “It made a huge difference in my understanding of the different types of people and their reactions to life’s situations. This will help me look at and value our differences instead of feeling like they are an obstacle.”
Ellie, IL “Great info. Loved it. It was a great opportunity to talk about tough issues in a safe environment.”
Leonard, FL “I know this seminar was ordained by God for our lives. We have been blessed with a very strong and loving relationship, but even today we were able to get new insights to each other and strategic ways to make something good even better. Thanks.”
Christian and Jessica, CA


Event Request::

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