Give The Gift of Strengths

How You Can Empower Others to Know and Use Theirs

Every person has strengths. But do the people in your life know theirs … and understand how to use them?

You can help that happen when you give them a gift of strengths – a tool they can use right away.

As an added bonus, most of these gifts are available with an immediate download.

A Gift of Strengths for Friends and Colleagues: Leading From Your Strengths

Woman Giving Gift, Portrait, Blurred.God created each person you know with unique strengths. Yet many people in your world don’t know or understand their strengths. Leading From Your Strengths resources give them the opportunity to discover their God-given strengths and use them.

  • Leading From Your Strengths Profiles ($26.95) empower Christians of all kinds to use their God-given strengths. These personalized, detailed 20-page reports accurately describe individual patterns of behavior, thought, emotion, and communication and give the user sophisticated, objective insights and action steps to use immediately and long-term.
  • The 210 Project ($24.95) is a practical, step-by-step process—using a book and interactive online activities – that helps users discover their calling.
  • Leading From Your Strengths Team-Building Kit  is a versatile and powerful curriculum that equips a group to understand each others’ strengths and how those strengths work together.

A Gift of Strengths for Couples: Marriage Insights

Marriage Insights resources are wonderful wedding, anniversary, or Christmas gifts for any married couple seeking to deepen their marriage.

  • Marriage Insights Profiles ($26.95 or $39.95 for two) empower Christian couples to discover and use their God-given strengths in their marriage, to value their spouse’s strengths, and to blend. The profiles provide both spouses with sophisticated and objective insights about their strengths which they can use right away in building a supportive, unified marriage.
  • Different By Design Curriculum ($29.95) guides couples through the process of identifying their individual strengths, their spouse’s strengths, and how to blend strengths to build oneness. Participants complete Marriage Insights Profile as the foundation for that understanding. Using the curriculum and data from their individual profiles, couples learn how to value and blend their strengths, then transition from learning to application.
  • The Different By Design Bundle ($64.95) includes 2 Marriage Insights Profiles, 2 Different by Design Workbooks, and a Different by Design DVD set. Couples use it to discover and use their God-given strengths, to value their spouse’s strengths, and to build oneness in marriage.
  • Love and Money by Rodney Cox and Don Blanton ($20.00) explains the two factors that impact marriages more than any other: how we understand Love (relationships) and Money (finances). This book addresses the underlying issues about love and money that often lead to conflict in marriage: miscommunication and misunderstanding.

A Gift of Strengths for Families: Family Insights

Consider these resources for families you know who seek to grow into a stronger unit.

  • Family Insights Profiles are actually two sets of reports: the Parent Insights Profile ($26.95) and the Teen Insights Profile ($26.95). Each family member, whether parent or teen, completes the appropriate questionnaire and receives an individualized profile report by email. Together, parents and teens share their results using the Family Insights Process Guide free download.
  • Parenting From Your Strengths by John Trent, Rodney Cox, and Eric Tooker ($14.95) equips parents with a plan to understand each family member’s strengths and learn to value his or her differences.


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