How Secure Is My Profile Report?

computer with lock to secure profile information

Customers take data privacy very seriously and so do we. We understand that when someone gives you their phone number or their credit card number, they want to feel confident that their information stays the right hands.

Although the Leading From Your Strengths online questionnaire, also known as the assessment, must be accessed by the customer, the resulting profile report is generated in real-time and kept completely private. Without exception, all profiles are completely confidential. They are only delivered to the email address you provide and/or to the purchasing agent.

Ministry Insights was founded in 2001, and has been specializing in data security and encryption years before there were industry standards. Be assured that your profile information, as well as your personal information, is stored securely with our organization.

If You Misplace Your Profile Report

Ministry Insight does save a copy of your report on a secure, dedicated server in case you misplace it or need to another copy delivered to your email address. Ministry Insights’ servers, web sites, shopping cart and online questionnaire processes are all secured using the highest standards in Internet technology and computer security protocols.

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