How to Find Our Podcast

The Podcast is off to an incredible start, delivering interviews with leadership thought leaders like Dan Rockwell and Amy Anderson. These interviews are packed with practical tips on succeeding in the ministry. That said, we intentionally limit our episode length to 45 minutes, so you can fit every episode into your busy schedule.

The best way to follow the podcast is to subscribe using your favorite podcast listening app, like Apple Podcasts, or Spotify. If you prefer to watch it on YouTubevisit our new channel and click the subscribe button underneath the video. If you’d like us to cover a topic or have suggestions of any kind, please drop them into the YouTube comments or leave a review on your podcasting app.


A listener named Medina Brooks recently visited our Google Reviews page and wrote, “Grateful for the transparency and practicality of these podcasts. Please keep them coming.”

We will keep them coming, with a long list of guests already lined up for 2023, so subscribe today!

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