Insight: Change The Way You Think, Part 1

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Change the Way You Think, Part 1 of 2

Just 5% of a group can influence the entire group’s direction. The other 95% follow without realizing it, according to researchers at the University of Leeds.

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The data reveals concrete evidence for the herd mentality, our human tendency to be influenced by our peers to adopt certain behaviors or follow trends, as in the stock market, fashion, or consumer behavior.

The herd mentality also explains our human inclination to judgement in relationships.

In every relationship, you have a choice between two options. Either you judge the other person’s individual differences and see those differences as weaknesses (especially as you compare the person to yourself) or you value his differences and see those differences as strengths.

Most people judge others’ differences. The prevailing trend to judge is so subtle and ingrained you may not think that you’re following the crowd.

Here’s An Insight

If you’re in the 95% that follows this trend without realizing it, God calls you to change the way you think.

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think” (Romans 12:2, NLT).

Changing the way you think – renewing your mind – is a command. And God does not command us to do something unless it is possible!

That means changing the way you think about differences is possible!

Consider how you can lead from your strengths when you embrace this call. God uses Christ-followers as His instrument to shift thinking from judging differences in others to valuing differences.

He can use you. You can be in the 5% that values differences in others, moving them to have healthier relationships.

And if statistics hold, you can be part of a movement to influence the other 95% to change the way they think about differences, too.

Change the Way You Think, Part 2

Now How Shall I Live?

On a piece of paper, make 2 columns. In the first column, list people in your life who value others’ differences more than they judge others’ differences. In the second column, list ways they demonstrate valuing others. What can you learn from them?

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