Introducing The Prioritized Life Assessment

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The Prioritized Life Assessment acknowledges that each of us has personal, capital resources that are set into priority order in scripture: spiritual capital, relational capital, physical capital, intellectual capital, and financial capital (see Matthew 25 and Luke 16).

Understanding how you manage those five priorities and living them out in biblical order opens the door for success. When your “capitals” are aligned according to scripture, you set yourself up for maximum fulfillment, both personally and professionally.

Your completed Prioritized Life assessment provides data that reveals your current priorities and assesses the areas in your life in which you might be distracted. The report also has a built-in action guide that helps you create tangible, actionable steps to get your priorities in order.

Your report is divided into four sections:

  1. Summary of your results
  2. Insight into your areas of strength and weakness
  3. Suggested next steps
  4. Additional goal-setting opportunities