Is Attending an Equipping Conference for You?

What if you and those around you were able to discover a way to thrive, rather than simply survive?

That is the principle behind the Ministry Insights Equipping Conference. This powerful hands-on live event, unique to the growing strengths movement, has inspired hundreds of leaders to embrace differences and build strong teams, marriages, and families.

The team that brought you the Leading From Your Strengths profiles and tools guides you through the process of capturing your unique strengths in a meaningful way, applying them, and empowering others to do the same.

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Each conference participant completes a Leading From Your Strengths profile prior to the conference. Sessions address how to understand the profile data and ways to apply it, thereby equipping you to lead others through the strengths process.

Christian leaders, like you, regularly seek out the best tools to help them lead from their strengths. Read what past conference participants have to say about what they learned at the Ministry Insights Equipping Conference and how the conference can help you lead from your strengths.

What Content the Conference Covers

The Profiles and How to Apply Them

“The conference is the most comprehensive way to understanding the profiles and how to apply them to different circumstances,” says Mike, who participated last year. In just three days you can become certified as both a Level I and Level II facilitator.

Conference sessions equip participants to interpret profiles with clients, use the profiles with both individuals and teams, and identify life applications from the profile data.
Additional sessions address specifics for team leaders in successful staffing using Position Insights Profiles (to help leaders identify and recruit the right candidates for their teams) and Marriage Insights profiles and the corresponding Different by Design small group curriculum (to help couples build their marriages.)

“The conference material is effective,” said John. “Each person in the group took the assessment beforehand. All were amazed at how accurate and insightful the profiles were. I am confident that when I have an opportunity to work with the material with my team and with others I will feel even more impressed by the process.”

How to Use Profile Support Tools

Participants agree: the conference allows you to dig deeper into the profile by providing you with practical tools to use during the event – and afterwards – but more importantly, explaining how to use those tools.

“I learned how to dissect the profile data more in depth,” said Randy B., referring to Level II Certification sessions. Ministry Insights trainers provide you with workbooks, guides, PowerPoint presentation slides, and Keynote support files to use as you work with individuals and teams to use the profile – and then demonstrate profile best practices and allow participants to work individually and in small groups to test drive the material.

“I had many little “Ah-Ha” moments,” said another participant. “The whole experience gave me a better picture of who I am as I looked more closely at my profile – and gave me a deeper understanding how to use the tools so I can help others lead from their strengths.”

Ways to Use the Conference Content

Ways to apply the conference content are as numerous as the numbers of participants that attend: in business, in the community, at church, on mission teams, for team building, with teens and young adults, and at home in marriages and families.

“My ministry is within the business community,” said Mark R. “Some people in a corporate setting are church-going, but many are not. Therefore I will adjust the profiles to my audience, always alert to opportunities to have faith conversations. I’m praying for the Lord to present more opportunities as I spread this material through my immediate community.”

Still others use their certification acquired at the conference to turn the experience into a new enterprise. Sheri now leads a group of women to a better understanding of communication. Matt invited a leader at church to go through the profile and The 210 Project with him so that together they could facilitate additional groups in the future. One participant has even used the content to create a one-day interactive workshop for pastors and church leaders.

“This material will be helpful to me in small group settings, mission trips, with individuals, and I will share about the different products that you have available the might be helpful in the corporate environment,” said Chris. “On a personal level I think that the assessments are ‘spot on’ and have used them with friends and family and it has provided a platform for growth and understanding.”

Perhaps this participant summed it up best. “I came to the conference to learn, but walked away with so much more than knowledge – the new story of my life is being told and the last chapter has not yet been written.”

Find out about this year’s Ministry Insights Equipping Conference and register to attend.Join thousands who have discovered their strengths and use them when you complete the Leading From Your Strengths profile.

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