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FAQs: What Is a Profile?

Profiles: What Are They?

Ministry Insights strengths based profiles are objective, detailed multi-page reports which accurately describe habitual patterns of behavior, thoughts, emotions, and communication.5 people jumping

Profiles are compiled and presented instantaneously completing a simple, 10-minute online questionnaire. Results are delivered immediately by email.

The resulting report is comprehensive, personal and encouraging. While not designed to be 100% accurate, the profile report objectively presents predictable behavior. It provides sophisticated insights about the individual’s unique strengths.

What kinds of profiles are available

Profiles are delivered immediately via email after the user completes a brief, simple online questionnaire.

  • Leading From Your Strengths (LFYS) Profile: personalized, detailed 20-page report which accurately describes your individual habitual patterns of behavior, thought, emotion, and communication.
  • Position Insights Profile: detailed, 12-page report which identifies the strengths needed for each position in your ministry.
  • Marriage Insights Profile: personalized, detailed 24-page report outlining your individual and relational strengths, specifically relating to the marriage relationship.
  • Parent Insights Profile: a personalized, detailed 20-page report outlining your individual and relational strengths on your unique approach and strengths in parenting.
  • Teen Insights Profile: an individualized, detailed 20-page report outlining your teen’s deepest needs, wants, desires, and strengths and how he or she applies them to family relationships.

How to use the profiles

How users choose to apply profile information is up to the individual, both in how to implement it and when to do so. Users can begin to use the data as soon as they receive their profile report, following the practical steps provided. Further, they can take advantage of Ministry Insights additional support products to develop a more in-depth action plan to incorporate this new information into their daily life and relationships, both short- and long-term. Users can also work with a certified practitioner to understand the data at a deeper level and continue to implement it over time.

Further, users can also apply profile data to their relationships. Individualized reports provide practical steps to help users understand others and communicate better.

What the profile provides

The profiles provide unbiased, tangible data to help individuals understand themselves better and build on their strengths.

  • Strengths. Profiles helps users recognize and understand their natural strengths and how they operate, addressing God-give abilities in solving problems, processing information, managing change, and facing risk.
  • Adaptations. Profiles reveal how users make adaptations in order to be successful in their current environment. These adjustments can reveal where they expend excess energy and can be a key in helping establish an action plan to lead from strengths.
  • Others’ strengths. Profiles help the user identify the strengths in those around him and understand ways to communicate effectively with them.

What the profiles measure

Ministry Insights profiles measure normal human behavior. Every profile is unique – there are over 19,860 statically variances of the profile base on the user response.

What the profile does not report

The profile does not measure cognitive reasoning, aptitude, motivations, or detrimental behaviors.