Leadership Course
Lesson 2: Conflict to Cooperation

Ministry Insights’ Online Leadership Course, hosted by Ministry Insights founder Rodney Cox and noted author Dr. John Trent, helps you understand the biblical basis about why people are so different from each other. You and your team members can discover your individual strengths and embrace them – leading to better teamwork, better communication, and stronger relationships.

The course is free and offered in two parts. The entire course takes only about thirty minutes to complete.

The Leadership Course Part 2 addresses moving from conflict to cooperation.

While it is not necessary to complete a Leading From Your Strengths Profile prior to taking this course, it is highly recommended. The profile process will individualize the course for you, help you personalize the principle of differences, and allow you to retain the information so you can share it with those you lead and serve. Learn more about Leading From Your Strengths Profiles.

Part Two: Conflict to Cooperation

(Length: 18:59)

Part Two explains that conflict between people is inescapable because team members are different, but teams can use their strengths to be better able to respond to it. Teams can move to the next level of effectiveness when they learn to problem solve, process information, manage change, and face risk together – collectively using their strengths.