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          MoneyTrax logoMoneyTrax, Inc.  has gained national recognition for its unique planning process and easy-to-use client-centered financial software known as the Circle of Wealth® system. While there are many software and communication tools written for the financial professional, there is little available in the financial services industry written from the client’s perspective. This one is.

          A financial adviser can help clients two ways. The traditional method is to review what the client is currently doing and recommend better products that potentially pay higher rates of return often requiring increased risk. The second is to help the client be more efficient with the resources they have by avoiding unnecessary transfers such as interest on debt, credit cards, car payments, taxes, how you pay your mortgage and how you fund your qualified retirement accounts.

          The Circle of Wealth® system centers around the concept of helping people — consumers — avoid transferring money away unknowingly and unnecessarily from their portfolios.

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