Next Steps

Our systems have changed to empower our users to no longer have to manage Passcodes. Please read this page carefully as it is designed to give you a quick overview of the basic functions of this platform.

My Assignments

If you purchased an assessment for yourself and selected “enroll user” at checkout it will be listed under My Assignments > My Assessments. When you “assign” assessments or course work it will be listed in this area when your respondent’s login to the site.

Manage Users

No more Passcodes to track! Can I get a hallelujah – Can I get an amen.

After purchasing the number of assessments needed the “usages (Passcodes)” will be stored under Manage Users ready for assignment. This area is designed for you to assign purchased assessments to the people you want to complete the assessment or course work. This area will also serve as a leadership dashboard where you can keep track of the progress of each user you have assigned work to.

My Orders

This is where you will find your past orders and manage any subscriptions or membership you have on this platform. You can quickly reorder products as well by viewing a past order and clicking the reorder button.

My Settings

Change your password and other personal profile setting here.