Why Am I Not Placing on the Strengths Wheel?

Occasionally, a user may find he does not place on the Strengths Wheel.

Non-placeable simply means all the scales are neutral therefore the data cannot place the person in 1 of the 60 possible places on the wheel.

Reasons why you may not place on the Strengths Wheel

When results are neutral on the Strengths Chart deeming you non-placeable than it can indicate that …

  • you over analyzed the questionnaire
  • you tried to use politically correct answers
  • you are undergoing a significant life event
  • you are in a job or environment that requires them to be all things to all people

How to remedy the situation

We suggest you explore the following questions, in order, to get at the heart of the issue.

  1. When you read your General Characteristics how accurate do you feel they are? If you feel they are accurate than move on. If you feel they are not accurate move to the next question.
  2. Do you feel like you might have over analyzed the questionnaire and took more than 10 minutes to complete it? If yes, request a new code from us. If no move to the next question.
  3. Are you going through some kind of life changing event? If so go through the following exercise.
Turn to the General Characteristics and read the first statement. After reading mark the statements as T for true, F for false, E for edit and ? if you do not have a clue. After marking the statement explore why you marked it the way you did. Make some notes and feel free to edit the statement if needed to make it true.
Remember the profile is only designed to drive discussion not be absolute. Turn it into a working document.
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