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210 Project Facilitators Guide

We applaud the fact that God has touched your heart to see the importance of helping others find their place in God’s story!

We recognize that not everyone who leads is a theologian, or pastor, or even in vocational ministry. We also recognize that there are few things as frustrating as wanting to jump in and serve, but not feeling equipped to do so. This guide should help alleviate some of those concerns. Some who choose to lead may use his or her teaching gift to instruct.  Others may use their gift of exhortation to facilitate. Our goal with the Facilitator Guide is to provide Christ followers, who have diverse gifts and talents, the basic materials needed for a dynamic group session.  A general outline with suggested questions and discussion starters are included – perfect for facilitating a group that has completed the homework assignments as encouraged.  In addition, we have included several appendices, corresponding with specific session outlines, which include additional information for those facilitators wanting to go deeper.

Remember that apart from God, you can do nothing. To see the results that God desires, your heart must be totally surrendered before Him. Secondly, there must be total dependence upon the Holy Spirit to work through you, to affect the lives of those in your group. Finally, your genuine care and prayers for each member of your group are vital for building trust and unity, for long-term relationship, and fellowship that transforms community.

Ultimately, we have tools and an online process, but these only serve as a platform for God’s purpose of getting people en- gaged with Him, and with one another, to build loving community within the Body of Christ As His people engage their world, we believe lives and communities will be transformed!