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LFYS Building Close-Knit
Ministry Teams Book

The Leading From Your Strengths process for building close-knit ministry teams is designed to help you discover unique personalities hidden in your team. Understanding these unique personalities will help you identify and reduce predictable conflict and work together in ways to affirm each person’s God-give strengths.




Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Ministries Hanging in the Balance

Chapter 2: Getting a Feel For What Follows

Chapter 3:  River School

Chapter 4: The “Problems and Challenges” Transition

Chapter 5: The “People and Information” Transition

Chapter 6: The “Pace and Change” Transition”

Chapter 7: The “Rules and Procedures” Transition

Chapter 8: Life Lessons from the River

Chapter 9: Into the River and on with Your Journey!

Chapter 10: Core and Adapted Styles

Chapter 11: Rolling on the River

Chapter 12: The Leading From Your Strengths Wheel

Chapter 13: Putting All You’ve Learned Into Practice

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