Parenting from Your Strengths


Authors: Rodney Cox, John Trent, Eric Tooker
Format: Hardcover

This book, authored by the pioneers of the Leading from Your Strengths™ movement, equips parents and their children to get on the same page, forecast potential conflicts, and achieve harmony. It does this by introducing parents to some of the same tools and insights that have helped thousands of ministry teams become closer and more connected.

The book’s “Global Parenting Plan” draws on the imagery of global positioning devices by imitating what a GPS device does to help people track a successful course—it triangulates a person’s position by getting a reading from three known inputs: God’s unchanging Word, their own unique parenting strengths, and the way each of their children is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” By drawing on these three factors parents can not only draw closer to each other, but will also be more effective in “training up a child” in their own unique bent.

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