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QuickStrengths Assessment

For large, segmented, or volunteer teams, a QuickStrengths report is a speedy way to get to the most needed insights with minimal downtime. This one-page report gives a quick summary of individual strengths and communication styles in graphs and bullet points. Leaders of teams can get a useful snapshot of God’s gifting of all of their people, and team members can better understand how to appreciate and communicate with each other, increasing productivity and morale.

    • Fast results for large teams
    • Perfect for showing appreciation and support to volunteers
    • Resolve and prevent conflict
    • Starting point for deeper relationships between team members
    • Perfect for displaying in each team member’s office

What does it include?
The QuickStrengths one-page includes general characteristics, communication tips, and ideal work environment descriptions for each individual. The report addresses critical areas such as receptivity to change, and whether team members are working in a role that is well-suited to their natural strengths. A PDF guide is included to help start discussion about these results among team members.

Download a sample QuickStrengths report