Strong Teams Starter Pack


The Essential Toolkit for Building a Strong Team Culture

Developing a thriving team culture at your organization is essential for growth, but it can be challenging to foster. Our Strong Teams Starter Pack provides leaders and staff with the core strategies and practical resources needed to establish trust, improve communication, and cultivate an empowering team environment.

With the strategies and resources in our Strong Teams Starter Pack, leaders can transform their team culture for greater synergy, productivity, and kingdom impact. Build a team on a firm foundation of trust and unity today

Key Features:

  • Three tactical modules optimize learning through videos, guidebooks, assignments, and discussions across multiple touchpoints.
  • Personalized QuickStrengths reports reveal each individual’s natural strengths and weaknesses for better understanding and trust-building.
  • Small group sharing of reports builds empathy as members learn how each person contributes uniquely to the team.
  • Blending Differences teaching and strengths wheel exercise provide a framework for uniting varied abilities into a cohesive team.
  • The Inescapable Areas module visually uncovers common tensions in teamwork and how to bridge differences constructively.
  • Facilitator guide includes meeting plans, activities, and email templates to guide teams through transformative discussions.
  • Flexible format works for both self-guided peer teams and professional facilitators leading group team development.
  • Biblical principles and Scripture integration encourage unity, empathy, and appreciation of God-given differences.


The Starter Pack contains 2 guides, 3 online modules, 7 online lessons, 3 team meetings, and the QuickStrengths Assessment.

Note: Purchase 1 pack for each team member.

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